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Fashion-Forward Stadium Compliant Bags

About the Company

Since 2017, SHEERGEAR handbags have been the go-to clear bags for fans and celebrities alike. With an emphasis on style and quality, SHEERGEAR handbags are the chicest, most fashion-forward stadium approved bags that you will want to wear—even when they aren’t required. From game day to the courts, at the concert or on the green, it’s clear why SHEERGEAR handbags are everyone‘s must-have accessory!

How It Started

Our Story

The story of SHEERGEAR began in 2017 when co-founder Lesley was on her way to the game of the year - the Rams’ first game back in LA vs. her beloved Seattle Seahawks.

Her Uber was halfway to the Coliseum, when she realized she wouldn’t be allowed in with her regular bag. Thinking quickly, she had the car turn around and arranged for someone to meet her off the freeway so she could pass off her bag which left her with jean shorts as her only form of storage for the afternoon. After the chaos of handbag-gate, the concept of SHEERGEAR was born.

At the time, no company was making chic, fashionable clear bags to take into the stadium. Lesley, being a sports fan with a background in fashion, was ready to change the game (pun intended).

Starting SheerGear

Making it Happen

Within days, Lesley connected with friends, Ariana Wellington and her brother Alex Menichini, who had already been in the sports apparel world. Together, they quickly got to work sourcing a factory, and designing prototypes that were unlike anything buyers and consumers in this space had ever seen before. By January of 2017, SHEERGEAR was taking on its first trade show, selling bags to the Dallas Cowboys, USC, and retailers throughout the country. The following year, they had 12 collegiate licenses, were selling to Fanatics, to brick and mortar stores nationwide, private labels, and on their own website, As the love of SHEEGEAR grew, so did the market. Collaborations with some of the biggest names in sports became a regular occurrence and each season, the opportunities seem to get even greater. The stadium collection expanded to include a resort line with beach/pool bags, travel bags, accessory pouches and toiletry bags.